The Chubak's

Betty has been an excellent provider for our son! We actually put him in daycare when he was only 3 weeks old because we both had to go back to work/school. She is very attentive and caring. Even though we aren't there, we know our son is getting the best care possible. Betty has a set daily routine that the children follow in order to keep them busy and happy. We might not have been there for all of his firsts, but we do see all of the wonderful things that Betty has taught him when we are at home!

The Haffery's

Betty has been so wonderful with not only Ezra which is there now, but our son Elijah. Elijah has since gone on to school and is doing a great job. We have had Betty as a provider since 2006! We just love and appreciate all of the wonderful things she does with the kids! I love being able to go to work and not have to worry about the care of my child. Betty holds a great schedule for the kids and my children have prospered from the fun and structured environment. We have been so blessed to have found Betty.

The Haley's

Abbie is our second child to attend Care-A-Lot Family Daycare. Abbie has now been there for 3 years and she is now 4 years old. My husband and myself both work full time plus some, so it is a good feeling to know your child is somewhere safe and being looked after with much love. She can count to 28, spell many words, write her name, and can almost tie her shoes. She has learned much from attending Care-A-Lot. I wouldn't take her anywhere else. I would recommend Care-A-Lot to anyone who is looking for Daycare.