Our Values

At Care-A-Lot Family Daycare kids come first!

Certifications: CPR, Shaken Baby Syndrome Training, SIDS Training

Memberships: CHAOS, 4C Food Program, Lady of the Moose

Every day, the children practice skills necessary to get them ready for kindergarten (Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shoe Tying, Name/ Address/ Phone #/ etc.). But the way we practice these is through fun, and interactive, activities such as outdoor play, reading, arts and crafts, videos, flashcards, free play, etc. We are considered a play based daycare center.

We love participating in Holidays such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas and we do hold a Christmas party for all family members at the end of the Year. The children absolutely get excited about these parties. They create holiday crafts, play games, and eat lots of great food; who doesn't love a party? We also celebrate every child's birthday and when the graduate to kindergarten.